DISCOVERIES : Real institutions

The region of Memphremagog is distinguished by places considered as real institutions, because they have traveled through the years, the generations.

If I tell you; Le Vieux Clocher de Magog, La Falaise d’Orford Restaurant, Le Cep d’Argent Vineyard, The Abbey of Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, The Liquor Store (also La Grosse Pomme), The round barn in Mansonville, Le Théâtre de la Marjolaine… and so on!

These places have made it possible to create memories and allow the sharing of history over time. Whether for a gathering, a good meal, a cultural getaway of for epicureans or history fans, these places bear witness to a strong sense of belonging by both their tenants and their visitors.

Discover these little gems and allow them to continue to make us experience these moments that remain well in our memory.